3 Ports You Should Explore While on a European Cruise – What to Know


3 Ports You Should Explore While on a European Cruise – What to Know

If you’re trying to think of an excellent way to spend your vacation, why not consider a cruise? It is both fun and convenient. Although it is fun to travel places while enjoying the amenities of a cruise ship, some ships come with so many benefits, such as a Michelin dining experience, that there isn’t a reason to get off to any other port.

If you still want to explore the land rather than just bunking on the ship, here’s our recommendation: take a European cruise! There are so many beautiful ports in this continent, and they’re all worth getting off the ship for. 

If you only want to visit the best ports, here are three ports you should explore while on a European cruise:

1. Copenhagen

Whether you travel around on foot or bike, this beautiful city of Copenhagen is one of the places you should visit. Filled with picturesque scenery and stunning landmarks, there are many things Copenhagen has in store for its visitors. 

Visit Strøget, the longest shopping street in Europe, or perhaps the Tivoli Gardens, one of the oldest amusement parks not only in Europe but in the whole world! If you have the time, do visit Nyhavn, which is a colourful neighbourhood worth visiting.

From its incredible architecture to its beautiful culture, and not to mention fantastic food, you should visit Copenhagen, which is regarded as one of the happiest places in the world.

2. Rome

Although it is said that Rome wasn’t built in a day, you can definitely explore the city within that time span. From myths and legends to cuisine and art, Rome is a pinnacle of artistry and beauty. Take the time to explore what its museums have to offer, from Da Vinci’s to Michelangelo’s works. You’ll even get to learn the history of the Vatican, along with its Catholic Church. 

With so many things to see in Rome, you might actually be out of time before you know it. Before that happens, however, we highly recommend that you visit the Trevi Fountain and toss a coin to wish for more wonderful experiences as you continue your journey.

3. Dubrovnik

Are you a big fan of the Game of Thrones series? Well, even if you aren’t, you should take the time to visit this place.

From being a World Heritage Site, this beautiful place should be visited for its architecture and cuisine. From fine wine to delicious seafood, any food aficionado will have an exciting time in this place. If your time on the boat has made you miss the sands of the beaches, then this is the perfect opportunity for you. Head to the coastline and enjoy its pristine sands!

If there is one aspect that you should know about this beautiful place, it is its ornate architecture. Dubrovnik’s walls provide you with a perfect walkway to enjoy the view of the entire city. You can also opt for a cable car to reach the highest point of the city to look at the vast sea that sits next to this medieval city.

While a cruise ship in and of itself is a fantastic experience, visiting these ports can take that experience up to an entirely different level. Apart from taking a break from the ship’s aesthetics, not to mention the motion of the floor, bring your adventures to the ports as well. From stunning landmarks to unforgettable delicacies, there will be many things you can do at these ports to enhance your overall cruising experience!

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