3 Reasons to Go on a European Cruise Vacation – What to Know


3 Reasons to Go on a European Cruise Vacation – What to Know

Embarking on a European cruise is a great way to experience the many exciting things the continent has to offer. Even if you’ve visited the region many times before, it’s a different kind of adventure when you tour on a cruise ship. You won’t have to navigate through traffic roads and busy train stations. You’ll also have unlimited options when it comes to dining and activities. Here are three reasons why you should explore Paris, Rome, London, Amsterdam, and other European cities aboard a cruise: 

1. Travel More Efficiently

First-time tourists are often concerned about whether you’ll have enough time to tour many European landmarks and attractions. The good news is, most popular sites in Europe are built on water, making them accessible for cruise travellers.

Going on a European cruise is an efficient way of exploring the region. Europe is a relatively small continent, with many popular cities situated close together. Most of our ships sail during the night and dock in the next port of call early in the morning. This way, passengers have a full day for sight-seeing. 

Cruises also offer guided tours, like our Mediterranean Traveler with Oceania Cruises from Venice to Lisbon. It takes you to see Michelangelo’s stirring works of art in the Vatican, Provence’s picturesque countryside, and the world-famous Palace of the Popes in Avignon. The itinerary also includes wine tasting tours in Penedès, a vineyard valley in Barcelona. It’s a hassle-free way of touring a foreign city to get the most out of your vacation.

2. Travel More Comfortably

Going on a cruise is the most comfortable and relaxing way to travel. On buses, planes, and trains, seats are always cramped and tight. On cruise ships, you get to stay in luxurious hotel-like accommodations while going from country to country. It takes longer, but passengers enjoy a plethora of activities and amenities while on the sea. There are spas, jacuzzis, swimming pools, gym, sports facilities, live shows, and buffet restaurants. 

3. Travel More Economically

Many tourists think that cruises are expensive. However, keep in mind that booking a cruise tour is an all-inclusive expense. The rate covers everything from dining to hotel accommodations and other travel perks. 

When to Book a European Cruise Vacation

The best time to go on a European cruise vacation is from April to November. You’ll find the widest selection of tours and ships during this period. June to August is considered the peak season when families often take a break from school and work. Spring is also a good option since the weather is nice and not too hot. 

If you hate crowds and would rather travel during the lean season, you’ll likely encounter a few drizzles but the peace and quiet you’ll get are absolutely worth it. Booking during the lean months is also less expensive, and you may be able to find good promos and deals around this time. 

If you are looking to book a European cruise for your next vacation, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to help.