3 Ways to Get Incredibly Cheap Business Class Tickets – What to Know


3 Ways to Get Incredibly Cheap Business Class Tickets – What to Know

While the budget travel industry has risen to prominence in recent years, it seems that business class plane tickets will always cost a fortune.

Commonly perceived as the epitome of wealth, upper-echelon living, and a right that’s only reserved for the one per cent, business class plane tickets are often seen as the gold standard of flying and for all the right reasons. With a business class plane ticket, you’re essentially experiencing the best flying experience humanly possible through the inclusion of various features, such as:

  • An extra two to three feet of legroom
  • Higher priority for in-flight service
  • Fewer occupants in the entire section
  • A wide range of free luxury options (such as meals, drinks, WiFi, and experiences)
  • Special waiting lounges at the airport
  • An easier way of entering the plane courtesy of a special queue

Now, while it may be safe to assume that business class tickets cost a small fortune, the truth of it all is that getting a cheap business class plane ticket isn’t a mere fantasy far out of whack. A Sydney travel agent may help you with this case.

Getting insanely-cheap business class plane tickets can be easily done if you have enough determination, an open mind, and the right tips at hand. Here are some of them: 

1. Wait for a seat sale that covers business class seats as well

The most obvious tip for scoring business class seats on an absolute bargain is that you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled and credit cards ready to pounce on any opportunity at any given time. 

The best way to stay on top of any potential business class seat sales can be done in two ways, namely: 

  • Bookmarking the website of your favourite airlines

The first way to get a heads up on any opportunity to get business class tickets at dirt-cheap prices is by bookmarking the website of your favourite airlines. By keeping them on your homepage and checking them every day, you can stay first in line for getting cheap business class tickets with ease.

  • Staying up to date with promotions

Another easy, yet effective way to ensure that you’re first in line for any business class seat sale is to watch out for any opportunities that might come about. Airlines are more likely to discreetly release a few quick promotions that market the business class seat sale and wait for smart shoppers to snag a seat or two. So, it’s best to stay aware of it by following an airline’s social media pages.

2. Anticipate a last-minute opportunity to upgrade your economy ticket with cash

Airlines, more often than not, are highly generous with the business class seats that they give away especially when it’s at the last minute. If you’ve booked a flight previously and come to the boarding gate early enough, then the chances are that the people at the counter will roll out an opportunity to get a business class upgrade for a bargain to distribute passengers evenly. It is important to note, however, that these business class low-cash upgrades will be announced a few minutes before the flight itself. 

3. Seek the help of a trustworthy travel agent that has insiders

Another effective and simple, yet commonly-overlooked way to get affordable business class tickets is to get in touch with a travel agent or insider that can help you get the scoop on quick deals as fast as possible. For instance, a Sydney travel agency like Your Holidays provides a wide range of opportunities for thrifty travellers to get business class seats for a low price along with amazing accommodation and other travel packages. 


If you’re looking to score business class tickets and put yourself in the best flying experience you’ll ever have in your life for an incredibly low price, then it’s vital that you do your research and take the tips mentioned in this article into consideration. 

Should you find yourself of the latest travel deals and trip packages for an absolute bargain, Your Holidays can help you get started on planning that dream vacation you’ve always longed to have. We are a Sydney travel agent that can help you secure great deals. Get in touch with us to see how we can help.