4 Exciting Reasons Go for a Cruise on the Mediterranean – What to Know


4 Exciting Reasons Go for a Cruise on the Mediterranean – What to Know

Home to colourful neighbourhoods and mouth-watering, ramped-up food culture, the Mediterranean personifies the getaway trip of your dreams thanks to its side coastal villages and Europe’s most stunning cultural landmarks. 

Offering a balance between a cosmopolitan and rich historical atmosphere, it’s no surprise to see the Mediterranean as one of the world’s biggest destination for cruising excursions. From digging into a fusion of flavours, delving into fine arts, appreciating the city’s history, or soaking the sun along Croatia’s coastlines, a trip to the Mediterranean has something for locals and tourists alike. 

To make the most of your luxurious sailing, the list below should give you a map to the top must-visit spots around Europe’s spectacular port cities: 

1. Barcelona and the Buildings of Gaudi 

The sun-soaked city of Barcelona is a place you can’t miss during your sail to the Mediterranean, especially the buildings designed by Antoni Gaudi. Known for his gothic architectural designs, curving lines, and intricate craftsmanship, it’s the perfect spot for history buffs and art enthusiasts. 

The Sagrada Familia cathedral, for instance, is a breathtaking sight with its sunburst inspired ceiling, abstract design, and gothic exteriors in spite of being a work of progress. The cathedral is estimated to be completed by 2026, so don’t forget to add another cruise trip to the Mediterranean in your bucket list when the time comes. 

2. Oia, Santorini 

Cruising through the vibrant Santorini in the Greek Islands is sure to promote a sense of luxury and romance with its dramatic volcanic landscape and jaw-dropping ocean views. The whitewashed buildings with a tint of blue dome-shaped roofs make it a postcard-perfect site, while the pastel skies bask the iconic city in a warm light. 

The black sand beaches also make it an interesting area to soak in the sun, while the colourful cliffs of Oia prompt adventurous travellers to appreciate the island by riding quad bikes. 

3. Venice, Italy 

One of the main attractions and reasons people board their cruise is to get the chance to visit Venice, Italy, the most amorous city in the world. It’s a perennial favourite amongst lovers and hopeless romantics as the colourful atmosphere spark intimacy in the air – from riding on a gondola down the iconic canals to experiencing the one-of-a-kind shopping district at Rialto Bridge. 

There are no cars within the vicinity, so vacationers can take their time exploring the connected islands in Italy on foot. 

4. Istanbul 

A stunning place East meets West, Istanbul is a country set smack in between the continents of Europe and Asia. The rich and kaleidoscopic history made it Europe’s capital of culture back in 2010, while the wealth of historical wonders give tourists and locals alike plenty to feast their eyes on. From the ancient city of Troy to the Anzac fields of Gallipoli, Istanbul is a city where you can witness legends up close. 

In Conclusion 

If you’re on a mission to have fun under the sun, there’s nothing more adventurous and memorable as cruising the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. 

In addition to getting tan lines and enjoying the family-friendly amenities available within the cruise itself, thrill-seekers can explore some of the world’s most exotic and spectacular Mediterranean islands, cities, and ports.

With that in mind, the guide above should steer you to the top must-visit spots you can’t miss during your smooth-sailing excursion. 

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