4 Reasons Travel Agents Are Still Needed In 2020 – What to Know


4 Reasons Travel Agents Are Still Needed In 2020 – What to Know

It can be difficult to see what a travel agent can offer in today’s age of accessible information. Technology has essentially made it easier to plan your own holiday because you can research other people’s travel experiences and access various online booking services. For this reason, you might think that the need for travel agents would drop, but that’s actually different from the truth.

Travel agents today are quick to adapt to this new opportunity to access information by evolving their business model from simple booking services to full-fledged holiday experts.

The challenge of holiday planning

The irony in planning a trip is that it’s a barrage of dealing with complicated booking procedures, itinerary planning, and even more notes and bullet points. This essentially prevents you from being in front of your paperwork to being out there on your trip to the beach.

Professional travel agents go the extra mile in addressing these basic essentials and providing you with a customer service experience that will make you feel on vacation from the moment you hire them. In this article, we will share with you four reasons travel agents are still needed today:

1.  They help you plan hassle-free holidays

The bulk of the stress in planning a holiday comes from being unfamiliar with the required documents that you’ll need for embassies, airlines, and hotels. Travel agents take the stress off your back by:

  • Organising visas and other necessary paperwork
  • Booking flights, tours, and handling your itinerary
  • Scouting hotel availability for booking accommodation
  • Finding the best travel routes from the start until the end of your trip.

Nothing brings down a planned holiday more than making crucial, and expensive, mistakes. Letting the professionals do the work for you can give you the ease of mind that you’re in reliable hands.

2.  They provide expert options

Not everyone has the time to do extensive research on the places that they want to go to. Travel agents can give you their expertise and experience in the industry by taking you to tried and tested tourist locations that you choose from.

They can also give you a wide variety of options for you to consider, ranging from the standard well-known tourist hotspots to specialised tours. With their help, you can mix and match your options by booking with specific travel activities from hiking trips, cruises, to even a street crawl through historical and modern landmarks.

3.  They promote travel safety

It’s always best to travel prepared for any occasion, whether it be packing the right clothes for a trip or bringing your travel essentials. When it comes to planning your holidays, keep in mind that preparation can make or break your entire experience. Emergencies such as flight cancellations due to natural disasters or unexpected accidents or mix-ups can also bring down your mood to the point that even a refund can’t fix.

Professional travel agents make your safety their priority as they ensure that travel insurance is included in their quote and booking. Know that travel insurance covers all the standard travel mishaps, such as cancellation of trips, overseas legal and medical expenses, and replacing lost luggage and valuables.

4.  They uphold industry-standard credibility

It’s not enough to book just with any travel agency. It’s best to check their streak of stellar service and credibility so that you know who you’ll be working with.

Since 2014, travel agents in Sydney are no longer required to be granted a license for their services. Though this means that certain travel agents can operate license-free, it also makes it clear who the rookies are from the experts. Those who are members of the Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) and ATAS (Travel accredited agents) set the bar for excellence in the services that they provide.


Travel agencies are far from lagging behind today’s technological advancements. Contrary to popular belief, they’re even more effective now more than ever. This just goes to show that when it comes to planning your holiday, it’s best to sit back and let the professionals do the work for you.

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