4 Reasons Why Italy Should Be on Your Travel Bucket-List – What to Know


4 Reasons Why Italy Should Be on Your Travel Bucket-List – What to Know

Italy is known all over the world for its beautiful sights, energetic people, and unique heritage, but those don’t even come close to painting the full picture. For a better idea of what Italy has to offer to visitors, check out this list where we’ll go over four more reasons for you to love the country.

1. Rich culture and history

As a nation, Italy is relatively young compared to its other European neighbours. Before it became its own sovereign state in 1861, Italy was split up into smaller provinces. Different traditions and cultural identities were present in each of these provinces, which all contributed to the rich diversity found in the country.

Today, these traditions are kept alive largely unchanged through generations. Many Italians are still reluctant to adapt to modern-day consumerism and ideologies, so old-world sensibilities and philosophies are still highly prized. For travellers, this sort of mentality can be a real eye-opening experience that can teach you new ways to view the world.

2. World-renowned cuisine

The same love for tradition is quite apparent in Italian food. You won’t find many fast-food establishments in the country, especially as you visit the smaller towns where restaurants are mostly family-owned businesses that serve recipes passed down from their ancestors.

Fresh and local ingredients are also widely used, and their preparation and cooking methods are held in extremely high regard. Some products like cheese and wine are even regulated by governing bodies to ensure that they adhere to strict guidelines based on tradition.

If you’re a fan of pizza or pasta, as most people are, then a visit to Italy will definitely make you realise why these foods are enjoyed all over the world. You’ll be able to see them in their best forms and get a taste of the real deal.

3. Unrivalled fashion sense

As the birthplace of some of the world’s most successful fashion houses, Italy is definitely a place where there is never any shortage of style. The cities of Milan, Florence, and Rome are all recognised as sartorial hubs in the region where you can see artisans and tailors refining their crafts.

Visit any of these places and get a chance to make significant upgrades to your wardrobe. From the finest suits and dresses to the best shoes your money can buy, you’ll find all the things you love about fashion in Italy.

4. Breathtaking art and architecture

Some of the biggest names in the art world were from Italy. With the likes of Michaelangelo and Leonardo paving the way for countless younger artists after, you’ll find some of the world’s most stunning masterpieces in the country.

Then, of course, there is the beautiful architecture that’s not to be missed. Plan a visit to Venice and prepare yourself to be transported to the past. No matter what type of art or aesthetics you prefer, you’re bound to find it in Italy.

Final words

With so much to see and experience, Italy is one place you should definitely plan to visit. It’s a place where a deep sense of tradition has made every aspect of the country unique and truly world-class. We’ve only offered you a glimpse of what this place has in store for you, so add this to your list of must-visit destinations and see all the wonders for yourself!

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