5 Must-See Castles & Fortresses to See on a Baltic Cruise – Our Guide


5 Must-See Castles & Fortresses to See on a Baltic Cruise – Our Guide

If you’re looking to take your weekend escapade up a notch, boarding on a cruise excursion through the Baltic Sea will take you on a ride of a lifetime. The Baltic region combines the best of the Old World with spectacular modernity, making it one of Europe’s highest-ranking destination to-date. 

From the colorful streets of Stockholm to the charming, quaint town of Tallinn, to Estonia’s cobblestone alleyways, traveling around the Baltic Sea will transport you to a land of fairytales. If you’re on a mission to make the most of your grand vacation, we’re here to give you a map of the best places to visit during your cruise excursions. 

Must-Visit #1: Egeskov, Denmark 

One of the most striking and well-preserved moat castle in Europe, Egeskov offers a breathtaking view of a castle sitting peacefully by the lake. Legend says that a whole forest of oak trees was used for its pilings back in 1554. Whether fact or fiction, the intricate carvings, and rich landscape make it a picturesque sight to behold. 

Beyond the drawbridge lies impressive capabilities, surprising turns, and secret stairs worth exploring. 

Must-Visit #2: Malbork, Poland 

Holding the status of the world’s largest brick castle,  the Unesco-listed fortress of Malbork is truly a breathtaking sight by the River Nogat. The iconic structure transports you back in the medieval ages rich with centuries-old history. 

Upon entering the jaw-dropping gates, you’re greeted with a scenic view of its grand chambers, arcaded courtyard, suits of armor, and even a glimpse of the knights tower-top toilet. It’s the ideal place for the fervent historian as it takes you on a tour to a striking fortress built more than 600 years ago.

Must-Visit #3: Schwerin, Germany 

Landing on Scherwin will transport you to a land that looks like it came straight from a fairytale. Majestic, spire-like towers scrape the skies and soar above the lush, vibrant gardens while it sits on a wooded isle by the edge of a crystal lake. 

The neo-renaissance facade makes for an unforgettable site and sparks the imagination. It’s sure to bring out the royalty in you as the castle looks like the hallmark of your classic childhood fantasies. 

Must-Visit #4: Turaida, Latvia 

One of the most enduring castles to-date, Turaida is a 13th-century gem that takes the breath away with its gothic structures breathing life to Latvian legends. The distinctive, round tower creates the perfect backdrop on the sculpture park, creating a picture-perfect image worth collecting for years to come. 

Must-Visit #5: Rosenborg, Denmark 

One of the grandest landmarks in the world, Rosenborg Castle reigns over Denmark’s colorful skyline since the 17th century. The red-brick walls facing the vibrant, leafy King’s Garden is worth tattooing on your memory.

The tall towers are breathtaking as you see the castle perched atop a vast landscape, like a still from an Old World painting. Going on a tour inside plunges you into a journey through time as it boasts of figures of Denmark’s royals and crown jewels. 

In Conclusion

The Baltic sea explores Europe’s must-visit destinations in the world. If you’re a fan of history and want to experience the rich architecture, culture, and legends of the Old World, then hopping on a cruise excursion is the ideal vacation for you. 

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