5 Reasons You Need a Travel Agent – What to Know


5 Reasons You Need a Travel Agent – What to Know

The number of DIY travelling has increased over the past decade, especially since the internet has paved the way for instant arrangements and research. You can book your own European river cruise trip or find cheap business class deals. 

According to an industry research firm called PhoCusWright, only 10 per cent of travellers use travel agents nowadays. Even so, no matter how well-travelled you may be, planning and booking complicated trips remain daunting. The need for travel agencies still proves to be crucial, especially when it comes to booking flights and accommodation. There’s also figuring out how to avoid hidden charges, which is quite difficult to do unbundled airline fees always seem to crawl right in. There’s also the time and effort necessary to put together the disparate and non-refundable aspects of your trip, which can put you at risk. What many do not realise is that travel agents know just what to do and more. 

Here are the top reasons you should hire a travel agent for your next trip: 

1. They provide a personal touch

You navigate through life with respective responsibilities and to-do lists, so planning your trip may end up with details amiss. Travel agents function solely for your travelling, making their personal touches invaluable. They ensure your booking details are accurate, along with your visa applications. Travel preferences, such as booking flight numbers can be tricky, but they’ll have all you need to know filed away for your perusal. Moreover, you’ll receive valuable tips and tricks you just won’t get anywhere else. They have the expertise and countless successfully planned trips to back them up!

2. You’ll have your own travel advisor

Travel agents work differently in the past. Modern travel agents now go beyond booking transactions and taking instructions they’re now your personal travel advisers. Through collaborative work and sorting through vast amounts of data gathered, they’ll help you make well-informed decisions about your travel, much like how financial advisers work to assist their clients.

3. They provide convenience and efficiency

With convenience and efficiency, travel agents work as a one-stop-shop for every aspect of your trip ground transportation, airline tickets, tours and activities, accommodation, travel insurance, and everything else you could possibly need. Moreover, they help you save on costs. Complicated travel itineraries, such as a month-long trip to Europe for instance, help you clarify any restrictions and budget limitations.

4.  You’ll get your trip just right

As mentioned, complicated itineraries can be a hassle to plan. You may have other ideas in mind, where there can be no room for mistakes. A big trip for an anniversary or reunion, for example, involves careful planning and coordination of itineraries with family and friends. City tours and other excursions, travelling back and forth from cities, and hopping from one hotel to another these become recipes for disaster when something goes amiss. With a travel agent, however, you’ll find your trips running smoothly.

5 – You’ll have a safety net

Any problem that arises during your travel will be handled by your agent on your behalf. Any occurrence of cancelled or delayed flights, the need for rescheduling, natural disasters, and personal accidents will be handled by the travel agent, providing support in a timely manner. In a way, planning a trip with a professional means you’re safe no matter what happens.

The Bottom Line

Even though you’re confident about your travelling experience, hiring a travel agent will still make the trip of your dreams happen without any bumps on the road. To find the right advisor, though, you need someone who meets your needs, especially in the aspects of costs and experiences. If still in doubt, find one through a referral nothing beats the power of word of mouth. While hiring an agent can be more costly, remember that they manage your most valuable asset: time. 

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