6 Things You Can Do to Stay Healthy on Your Cruise – What to Know


6 Things You Can Do to Stay Healthy on Your Cruise – What to Know

Booking a cruise is not a joke. One trip costs a lot of money, and whoever boards that cruise ship wants to juice out happiness and fun on every single cent they spent. But, sometimes, life doesn’t go as planned, and things take a turn down for the worse. 

One issue with cruise ships is that each vessel holds a hundred thousands of passengers each year. First-time cruisers might get jittery knowing that they’ll have to board a germ-infested boat. Luckily, here are some quick tips you can do to stay healthy and have the time of your life onboard.

Seasickness Woes

Experienced cruisers tell you worrying over getting seasick is trivial because the chances of getting it are pretty low. It’s normal to feel anxious, especially for first-timers. The solution? Grab some anti-seasickness tablets for insurance. Although we doubt you’ll need them.

Sanitise All the Time

Cruise ship members tell guests to wash their hands over and over again. Why? Frequent washing, especially before eating and after using the comfort room, is the most effective way to stay healthy. Most illnesses infect through physical contact, so it’s better to wash thoroughly with lukewarm water. If you buy a handy bottle of liquid soap, it makes washing hands easier. Plus, you get to choose a scent that makes washing more enjoyable!

Drink Water

The warm climate of the Caribbean or Mediterranean makes cruisers prone to dehydration. Chugging a glass or two of water helps purify your body, so you keep feeling your best self. You need to keep drinking water, even if you don’t feel thirsty because there is a high chance you’re not drinking enough.

Sleep Is Your New Bestfriend

Your immune system weakens faster if you’re not getting enough rest. A lot of cruise trips offer exciting activities onboard that most people fail to realise the stress their body is taking. Make sure you have naps every so often if you feel tired. You need to secure your body a time to recover from all the fun and excitement you did all day long. 

Mr. Sun Always Plans to Burn You

Getting a sunburn while you’re still on your trip ruins your fun. It’s like flushing money down the drain because you’re no longer able to enjoy without a second of hurting. Packing on sunscreen and subsequent applications throughout the day help make your stay under the sun longer without the fear of sunburn. Get sunscreens with a high SPF rating. The higher the SPF rating, the higher the sun protection factor. Also, buy a reef-safe sunscreen to help preserve and protect the corals.

If you forget to bring any sunscreen, you can buy them on board, but they’re ridiculously pricey. So buy some at the grocery store when you have the chance. 

You Don’t Have to Touch Everything

In public places, if you can touch things without using your fingers, then do it. Touching a surface prone to human contacts like a button or a door handle increases your chance of coming in contact with a virus. 

If you can avoid touching public surfaces, do so. But, if you have to, bring paper towels to act as a barrier between you and germs.  

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