Crystal River Cruises – Luxury River Cruising


Crystal River Cruises – Luxury River Cruising

Crystal River Cruises – Luxury River Cruising

Crystal River Cruise provides you with pure luxury and premium rive cruising across Europe that offers astonishing service and attention to all details. Enter onboard and experience the facilities, amenities and services Crystal River Cruise have on offer. Engross yourself through the history, culture and traditions of the countries you sail through. Crystal River Cruise offers four different river fleets which include The Crystal Bach, The Crystal Debussy, The Crystal Mahler and The Crystal Ravel. Each Crystal River Cruise fleet offers diverse luxury interior designs that feature premium and high quality service, amenities and facilities.

Travel in elegance and style with your personal room that is equipped with everything you need to unwind, relax and stay comfortable. Enjoy the magnificent views of the sun rising and setting from your room or on the upper deck for pure bliss and serenity. Crystal River Cruise guarantees that your stay will be magical and unique with the various options available for you to experience. Crystal River Cruises six-star service by the lovely team of staff will assist you with everything you need throughout your time onboard.

Room Options:

  • Two-bedroom crystal suite with panoramic balcony-window
  • Crystal penthouse with panoramic balcony-window
  • Deluxe suite with panoramic balcony-window
  • Petite suite with panoramic balcony-window

Taste the farm-to-table cuisines that are offered onboard by the experienced chefs onboard. Crystal River Cruise chefs source ingredients locally from the countries farms, butchers, markets and bakeries. Explore the various award-winning cuisines and dishes available for you to experience onboard on one of the Crystal River Cruises. Pair your meals with the finest wines, premium champagnes and spirits.

Crystal River Cruise strives to make your experience magical, mostly satisfying and enjoyable. Crystal River Cruises attentive staff will cater for your needs and wants whenever you want through using the 24 hour butler service. Crystal River butlers will attend to you whether it is providing information, needing extra amenities and any other services you can think of. Enjoy the onboard entertainment and activities available that will keep you immersed and entertained while you sail through the amazing scenery of Europe and its nature. Explore ashore discovering the different parts of the cities, towns and villages that you will come across developing an understanding of the local’s culture and traditions.


  • Unlimited Wi-Fi
  • Ultra-thing TVs with on-demand movies
  • 24-hour in-suite dining
  • Select complimentary shore excursions
  • 24-hour butler service
  • Select wines, champagnes, spirits and coffees
  • Airport transfers on the day of embarking

Crystal Society Membership entitles you to various exclusive benefits and deals. Once you travel on your first Crystal River Cruise, you’ll automatically become a member of Crystal Society.

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