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Ponant Cruises offer guests with a travel full of magical experiences that include authentic and luxurious services and facilities. Ponant Cruises aims to make your experience memorable and pleasurable where the attentive crew will make your time onboard satisfying.

Ponant Cruises provide guests with luxury and premium facilities which will make your time onboard most relaxing and calming. Ponant Cruises travels to destination such as South America, Antarctica, Asia, North America, Alaska and various other countries. Ponant travels to various destinations which can dock at exclusive points and offers stopovers in preserved locations. This will give guests the opportunity to explore and experience areas that they would never think of. No matter what your requests are, Ponant staff will meet your requests using their top quality skills and capabilities.

Ship Specifications:

Le Laperouse

Le Laperouse is known for its environmentally friendly ship that is fitted with innovative equipment. The Le Laperouse provides a unique experience through its cosily intimate cruise that offers limited amounts of guests onboard making the experience more relaxing and peaceful.  Ponant offers five-star service on the Le Laperouse where guests will experience premium and top quality service from the attentive staff onboard. The Le Laperouse also features the Blue Eye which is a multisensorial underwater lounge that guests can enjoy whenever they want.

7 Decks

Length: 430ft

  • Fits up to 184 guests
  • 112 crew members onboard
  • 92 staterooms & suites
  • 2 restaurants
  • Equipped with a spa, swimming pool & fitness centre

Le Bellot

Le Bellot was designed to provide guests with absolute comfort at the most isolated and remote places in the world. Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, Ponant guarantees your experience on the Le Bellot will be nothing but luxury and elegance. With the limited number of cabins and guests, guests will feel true tranquillity and peacefulness onboard and have the ability to interact and socialise with other guests.

7 Decks

Length: 430ft

  • Fits up to 184 Guests
  • 112 crew members onboard
  • 92 staterooms & suites
  • 2 restaurants
  • Equipped with a spa, swimming pool & Fitness centre

Once onboard, Ponant crew will be at your service from the beginning to the end of your journey. Ponant provides various services and facilities onboard that guests can enjoy and experience whenever they wish. Ponant offers a leisure area that guests can revel in when wanting to relax or enjoy some peace and quiet. This include libraries that consists of various books, board games, computers and Wi-Fi that guests can use freely to stay connected to loved ones, friends or work. Ponant dedicates for all ages, in this case, all ships have a special dedicated area for kids which is known as the “Le Kids Club”. Kids will enjoy this space as the area is equipped with the latest books, board games and consoles (PS4 or Wii) as well as TV’s that feature children shows and movies.

Once onboard, enter your magical room that you will be spending in throughout your time on one of the many Ponant Cruises. Guests will experience luxurious and premium facilities and amenities within their rooms. Enjoy the spectacular view from your private balconies and terraces or enjoy the scenery from your comfortable bed fitted with premium quality blankets, pillows and mattresses. Ponant crew will service your stateroom or suite daily by replenishing bathroom products and cleaning your rooms.

Staterooms and Suites Include:

  • Deluxe Stateroom
  • Deluxe Suite Deck 3
  • Deluxe Suite Deck 4
  • Deluxe Suite Deck 5
  • Deluxe Suite Deck 6
  • Grand Deluxe Suite Deck 5
  • Grand Deluxe Suite Deck 6
  • Prestige Stateroom 4
  • Prestige Stateroom 5
  • Prestige Deck 6
  • Prestige Suite Deck 5
  • Prestige Suite Deck 6
  • Privilege Suite Deck 5
  • Privilege Suite Deck 6
  • Owner’s Suite

Take advantage of the outdoor areas that offer spectacular views of the ocean where guests can relax while enjoying a drink from the many bars. Some Ponant Cruises come with an outdoor heated seawater pool that guests can enjoy and sit back or immerse yourself within the theatre that features different shows, concerts and performances by the amazing professional dancers and musicians. Ponant guarantee the leisure area will make your time onboard more relaxing and calming as you will feel pure tranquillity whilst sailing through the sea.

Ponant Cruises offer guests with the fine tastes of French-inspired cuisines using fresh locally sourced ingredients that are used to enhance the flavours for guests to enjoy. Guests will experience fine dining on Ponant Cruises as Ponant aims to bring pure luxury and premium quality for guests to witness. All dishes on Ponant Cruises are crafted to fit your taste buds whether it is meeting special dietary needs or special requests, Ponant will cater towards your preferences. Sample the large variety of wines and champagnes to finally choose your preferred beverage to pair with your fine dining experience.

Guests wishing to explore and enhance their understanding and knowledge on the destination being travelled through can approach the amazing Ponant staff who will dedicate their time with you to plan your day once you reach ashore. Ponant offers a large variety of excursions that can be booked through the lovely staff onboard including visits to UNESCO world heritage sites, ancient cities, hidden coves, museums. Guests wanting to feel like a local can visit the local farms, markets, towns and villages which will give guests an insight into how the local live. Ponant will do everything they can to make your experience the most enjoyable and memorable through the fun and interactive excursions you attend. Ask the attentive staff onboard for further information on excursions and experiences that you wish to fulfil once you reach the destination.

Ponant Yacht Club

To become a Ponant Yacht Club member, experience a number of Ponant Cruises where you will enjoy personalised attention, exclusive offers both onboard and on land and receive the best dedicated offers.

Refer your friends or relatives and receive a reward from our referral programme. Referrers and referees will benefit through receiving up to €500 discount per cabin.

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