Malta, Morocco & the Mediterranean – Viking oceans Cruise


Malta, Morocco & the Mediterranean – Viking oceans Cruise

Historic Cities & Scenic Treasures

Trace the routes of centuries-old mariners as you set sail on a roundtrip journey from Barcelona. Visit scenic Marseille and elegant Corsica, birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, France’s great emperor. See the UNESCO city of Valletta and delve into the ancient North African cities of Algiers, Tunis and Casablanca. Wander amid Andalucian treasures in Seville, famed for its rhythmic flamenco, and admire the mighty Alhambra palace of Granada.

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Expired on Friday May 31st, 2024

Expired on Friday May 31st, 2024

Day 1: Barcelona, Spain

Embark your ship and settle into your stateroom. The vibrant city of Barcelona, with its lively culture and inviting outdoor spaces, preserves a rich history. Picturesque medieval lanes wind through the oldest part of the city, the Gothic Quarter, where remnants of the city’s Roman wall were uncovered. Its treasures include the neo-Gothic Barcelona Cathedral, the medieval Jewish district of El Call and the Romanesque Church of Santa Maria del Pi. In the evenings, diners relax in the Royal Plaza at restaurants along the elegant square’s perimeter.

Marseille is rich in historic treasures, nestled between the Mediterranean and rocky hills of limestone. Two 17th-century fortresses dominate the charming Vieux Port, or Old Port, the natural harbor that hosts all manner of watercraft, from sleek elegant yachts to old style fishing vessels. Its picturesque quay is one of the world’s most romantic walks, lined with dozens of cafés and shops. Also worth exploring is the city center, graced by La Canebière boulevard. Linger in a café and sample the city’s signature bouillabaisse made from freshly caught fish.

Shore Excursion


Relax on a panoramic drive through Marseille and soak up the atmosphere of this historic port city. Begin your tour by motor coach through the area known as the Vieux Port, or Old Port, where the Greeks landed in 600 BC. Continue along the Corniche du Président John Fitzgerald Kennedy, admiring lovely views of offshore islands and the shimmering Mediterranean coastline. From the comfort of your coach, take in the splendor of Notre Dame de la Garde, the most magnificent building of its kind in southern France. Built in the mid-1800s in Roman-Byzantine style, this basilica displays a statue of the Virgin Mary on the top of its bell tower. Back in downtown Marseille, you can enjoy some free time among the numerous lively cafés, restaurants and quaint streets of this famous bustling port. Feel the welcome of the Marseille locals, or Marseillaise, and leave with wonderful memories of this glorious city.

From medieval walled towns to idyllic seaside villages, Corsica is a traveler’s paradise. The island’s capital of Ajaccio is the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte. France’s great emperor is immortalized in the city’s several monuments to its hero, including his ancestral home and a striking bronze statue at Place de Gaulle. The city also boasts elegant Belle Époque houses and an atmospheric Old Town. Corsica’s long ties to Italy have infused it with many Italian nuances—Tuscan-like beauty, rustic farm cuisine and viniculture among them—but the island remains truly French.

Shore Excursion


Take a panoramic tour for an ideal overview of historic Ajaccio and its beautiful surroundings. Drive with your guide to the Place de Gaulle, where you can admire the statue of the emperor Napoleon and his four brothers. Pass the Assemblée Régionale, elegant Belle Époque houses and another statue of Napoleon—a replica of the imposing original that watches over his tomb at Les Invalides in Paris—in the Place d’Austerlitz–Casone. Follow the magnificent villa-dotted coast to the Sanguinaires Islands, or Blood Islands, and view the remarkably preserved 16th-century Genoese Towers. Back in Ajaccio, visit the baroque cathedral where Napoleon was christened in 1771. A walking tour through Old Town passes Casa Bonaparte, the ancestral home of the Bonaparte family and a national museum, and the Place Foch, home to an impressive fountain and market. Explore at your leisure, or follow your guide back to your ship.

For centuries, Rome ruled much of Europe, building a vast empire from the power of emperors. More than 2,500 years of history live in the city’s streets. Ancient structures recall those heady days when the cheers of 80,000 spectators roared from the Colosseum, citizens mingled in the Forum and senators asked the gods for guidance at the Pantheon. Along with the Vatican and St. Peter’s Basilica, this rich pocket of Italy is one of the world’s greatest repositories of history and civilization.

Shore Excursion


Relax and take in the sights of Rome, admiring historic monuments and glorious architecture on a leisurely drive. Travel along some of the city’s most scenic routes. See ancient Roman sites, including the Aurelian Walls, Baths of Caracalla, Pyramid of Cestius, Colosseum and the Circus Maximus. Admire the Arch of Constantine, the best triumphal arch in the city, built in 315 AD to celebrate Constantine’s victory at the battle of the Milvian Bridge. Drive along the elegant Via Veneto, enjoying views of Villa Borghese Park. At Piazza della Repubblica, admire the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore and Fountain of the Naiads. Your panoramic drive will also pass through Vatican City, the spiritual and administrative center of the Roman Catholic Church. As you depart Rome, the great facade of iconic St. Peter’s Basilica will come into view.

Sail the ocean stage on which civilizations have risen and fallen, where empires ventured forth in their great armadas to control these strategic waters. Enjoy the amenities of your ship as you sail. Perhaps take a breath of fresh air on a brisk walk around the Promenade or begin your day with a workout in the well-equipped Fitness Center.

The Island of Malta has been shaped by countless civilizations. But it was the Knights of St. John who built Valletta, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This baroque wonder is one of Europe’s first cities planned and constructed from scratch, cut from local honey-colored limestone. The humble facades of its churches and palaces hide extravagant interiors of marble, tapestries and paintings. A stroll around the massive walls and bastions affords a striking bird’s-eye view of the cityscape and the spectacular Grand Harbor.

Shore Excursion


Witness the natural and cultural beauty of Malta, from sweeping bays to fishing villages, on a panoramic excursion. You will meet your guide at your berth and drive to the picturesque fishing village of Marsaxlokk, where colorful traditional Maltese luzzu fishing boats bob with the currents in the small harbor. Continue to ?urrieq, one of Malta’s oldest towns, for a dramatic view of the Blue Grotto, a series of yawning sea caverns, and the tiny, flat-top rocky island of Filfla; a rest stop for many migrating birds as they journey between Africa and Europe. Continue into the rural reaches of the island toward the medieval fortified city of Mdina, Malta’s former capital. From here your route takes you toward the coast again, passing the resort area of Xemxija Bay and St. Paul’s Bay, where the patron saint of the island is said to have been shipwrecked in 60 AD.

Valletta’s green space is at a premium in this tiny city. The Upper Barrakka Gardens, created in 1661 upon the St. Peter & Paul Bastion, are perched at the highest point of the city walls. The Knights of Malta once escaped the demands of court in this splendid and shady haven; its terraces offer sweeping views of the Grand Harbor and medieval warrens below. The centerpiece is a pair of arched walls surrounding a tranquil stone courtyard. Among the garden’s palm-lined lanes is a memorial to Winston Churchill.

Shore Excursion


Witness the natural and cultural beauty of Malta, from sweeping bays to fishing villages, on a panoramic excursion. You will meet your guide at your berth and drive to the picturesque fishing village of Marsaxlokk, where colorful traditional Maltese luzzu fishing boats bob with the currents in the small harbor. Continue to ?urrieq, one of Malta’s oldest towns, for a dramatic view of the Blue Grotto, a series of yawning sea caverns, and the tiny, flat-top rocky island of Filfla; a rest stop for many migrating birds as they journey between Africa and Europe. Continue into the rural reaches of the island toward the medieval fortified city of Mdina, Malta’s former capital. From here your route takes you toward the coast again, passing the resort area of Xemxija Bay and St. Paul’s Bay, where the patron saint of the island is said to have been shipwrecked in 60 AD.

Tunis is a vibrant mix of North African tradition and French influences. The modern city revolves around Avenue Habib Bourguiba, affectionately called the “Champs-Élysées” for its colonial buildings, shops and cafés. A drive along this lively tree-lined boulevard and a walk through the passageways of the city’s souks reveal contrasting views of ancient and modern Tunisia. The nearby ancient city of Carthage was the capital of the Carthaginian Republic, a powerhouse in the Mediterranean for centuries. A stroll around this UNESCO site opens a window to antiquity.

Shore Excursion


Discover modern-day Tunis on this panoramic tour. Accompany your guide to Tunisia’s vibrant capital of Tunis, where you will drive along Avenue Habib Bourguiba, known as the “Tunisian Champs-Élysées” and the center of activity. Amid the bustling tree-lined promenade stand numerous world-class hotels, monuments and cafés where the locals gather to drink tea. Explore a living museum in the Tunis medina, an entrancing maze-like district of shops, mosques, palaces and residences. Enjoy a brief walking tour with your guide, then have free time to explore the variety of the souk’s handicraft stalls, selling everything from produce to brassware to carpets.

Follow in the footsteps of great armadas that once sailed these waters. Historically, empires knew that to control this sea provided a strategic advantage in controlling the surrounding regions. As you sail, take advantage of the array of delicious cuisine offered on board. You may visit Mamsen’s, our casual gourmet deli, any time from early morning to late at night for a taste of traditional Norwegian fare. Or, dine at Manfredi’s and savor an authentic Italian meal, with options ranging from Milanese risotto to Tuscan inspired classics.

Known as “Alger la Blanche” for its white buildings gleaming on the Mediterranean, Algiers is a heady mix of ancient and modern. Today’s bustling city hugs the shore and boasts many gracious French accents from colonial days such as the Grand Poste and generous wide boulevards and gardens. Districts from the city’s pre-colonial Ottoman past rise from the coast upon the slopes of the hillside beyond. The city’s pinnacle of historic splendor, Algiers’s casbah, crowns this hilltop. Its maze of stone warrens offers an ideal setting in which to pause for mint tea and kebabs.

Shore Excursion


Get acquainted with Algiers’ Berber, Arabic and French heritage on this motor-coach tour of key historic sites. Ride to the 302-foot-high Martyrs Monument. Dedicated to the heroes of Algeria’s War of Independence, it takes the shape of three giant, stylized palm leaves sheltering an eternal flame at the base. Stop for a photo to capture commanding views of the Casbah and Bay of Algiers. Next, ride through the city center to see La Grande Poste, built by the French in 1920. Massive turrets, keyhole doors and elegant neo-Moorish fittings make it one of the city’s most whimsical modern buildings. Enjoy a photo stop before you continue along the Parisian-style boulevards of the French Quarter, toward the busy Bab El Oued district. Glimpse the imposing Basilica of Notre Dame d’Afrique (Our Lady of Africa), seen by many as a symbol of religious tolerance, before returning to your ship.

Sail the gateway between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. Its defining landmark, the soaring Rock of Gibraltar, was one of the Pillars of Hercules of ancient myth. As you sail, explore our well-curated Library, tucked in a private alcove of the Living Room, and select from a broad range of titles. Read a book by the Main Pool, a calming oasis in any weather with its retractable roof, allowing for year-round swimming.

Casablanca lures visitors with its heady mix of neo-Moorish splendor and French influence. Known as “Casa” to locals, its streets exude an atmosphere of bygone days. Made famous by the 1942 eponymous film, today it is one of Africa’s most important ports. Parisian-style boulevards unfold past cafés and colonial buildings. The city’s medina is a maze of warrens pulsing with old-world energy, the hollers of carpet merchants and the fragrance of incense. The most impressive structure is the Hassan II Mosque, the country’s largest and most magnificent.

Shore Excursion


Experience the fascinating allure of this thriving North African city and see the largest mosque outside of Mecca. You will drive with your guide to view the exterior of the massive Hassan II Mosque, set atop a scenic perch over the Atlantic. Marvel at the enormous scale of its 60-story minaret: The building and courtyard can host more than 100,000 worshippers. Continue along the corniche to the Habous Quarter (New Medina), stopping to admire the Royal Palace, a masterpiece of Islamic architecture. Pass the Casablanca Cathedral. The neo-Gothic masterpiece, which once served the French Roman Catholic population here, became secular after Morocco’s independence and is now a cultural center. Enjoy a stop at the Place des Nations Unies, or United Nations Square, once the city’s main market and today surrounded by Moorish and art deco buildings. After time to explore, return to your ship.

Cádiz lies on Spain’s breathtaking province of Andalusia and gained incredible wealth during the 18th century; riches from the Americas were unloaded here after the Guadalquivir River to Seville silted up. This scenic southern region is home the matador and world-class equestrian art. Seville, city of polyamorous suitor Don Juan, boasts plenty of its own glories. Its grand cathedral, Alcázar Palace and Tower of Gold were built from the coffers of Spanish kings, but its fiery flamenco defines its true spirit. It is best to ponder it all while sipping sherry at a bodega.

Shore Excursion


Admire some of this historic city’s most ornate sites on a pleasant and enlightening stroll with a local guide. Cádiz is one of the oldest continually inhabited places in Southern Europe. Situated on a narrow promontory of land surrounded by water on three sides, it is an easy city to get around. You will navigate passageways that connect elaborate plazas, stopping to explore Plaza de San Antonio de Padua, Plaza de España and Plaza de Mina. Pause also to admire the Torre Tavira. Merchants once looked out to sea from this tower in search of their returning ships. Visit the Catedral Nueva, or New Cathedral, with its elaborate baroque exterior. Its gold dome reflects the wealth that poured into this city from the New World after the river that led into nearby Seville silted up in the 18th century. If the cathedral is closed, you will instead visit the fascinating Diocesan Museum.

Granada is a splendid canvas of Moorish architecture, rich Andalusian tradition and remarkable history. It was the last stronghold of the Moorish Nasrid dynasty, whose 250-year reign ended during the 1492 reconquest of Spain by Catholic monarchs. The grand Granada Cathedral is a soaring celebration of that victory; its Royal Chapel holds the tombs of Queen Isabel and King Ferdinand, the celebrated pair who oversaw the triumph. Their magnificent fortress-palace, the Alhambra, was long the stronghold of Moors, and so offers a magnificent blend of Islamic and Christian detail.

Shore Excursion


Explore the seaside Andalusian city of Málaga, one of the oldest cities in the world, by motor coach and on foot. Your informative guide will explain the city’s rich history as you pass grand 19th-century buildings such as City Hall, the Old Justice Court and the Central Post Office. Witness the remnants of the 14th-century Gibralfaro Castle, a reminder of the legacy of the Moors. You will briefly stop here to take in superb views of the city below. Back in Málaga’s city center, you can take some photos of the birthplace of one of Málaga’s most famous native sons, Pablo Picasso. Continue on your walk past the ruins of a former Roman Theater and to the foot of the beautiful Alcazaba Palace, the best-preserved citadel in Spain. It was built during the 11th century and once served as a residence for Arabian caliphs. Afterward, you will return to your awaiting ship.

Traverse the warm waters that envelop the Spanish isles of Mallorca, Minorca, Cabrera, Ibiza and Formentera. As you sail today, savor a range of international cuisine on board. Choose from a variety of international flavors at the World Café, enjoy al fresco dining on the Aquavit Terrace, or regional specialties in The Restaurant.

Barcelona is steeped in history, with stunning architecture and a rich culture. Mediterranean breezes grace the shore and Catalonia’s capital is a feast for the senses. Long strolls on wide boulevards—such as Las Ramblas, the mile-long leafy pedestrian way, and the Passeig de Gràcia, lined with some of Europe’s most elegant buildings—set the tone for a city that moves to its own tempo. Native son and famed architect Antoni Gaudí adorned his city with whimsy, whether along fantastical city blocks or with his colossal masterpiece, the towering La Sagrada Família cathedral. After breakfast, disembark your ship and journey home.

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