Our Map to The 5 Best Places to Visit in Antarctica – What to Know


Our Map to The 5 Best Places to Visit in Antarctica – What to Know

When people think of vacation, most come up with the image of on-earth paradise in tropical countries. However, it’s time to shed some light on the opposite end of island life: Antarctica. Widely known as a gloriously frozen continent, the ice-covered landscape has no shortage of adventures for those with wanderlust.

For one, flying off to the mysterious, icy continent is not as difficult as it seems. Taking on an expedition cruise will lead you to unique experiences, from waddling with the penguin-crowded shores of South Georgia to setting foot on the Antarctic Peninsula. 

With that in mind, the list below serves as a map to guide you to the best places to explore the white terrain of Antarctica. 

Must-Visit #1: Explore the Antarctic Peninsula

One of the places you cannot miss on your trip to the winter wonderland is the Antarctic Peninsula. The national wonder boasts of a spectacular view of a finger-like structure leading to the southern tip of South America. It offers a breathtaking image of icebergs framing the scene, while the icy shores are dotted with exotic wildlife. 

You can watch whales swim across the cold, calm ocean, or get up close with penguins surrounding secure landing sites. It also remains one of the most popular places to visit as the Antarctic Peninsula is the first landfall for those coming from an expedition cruise.

Must-Visit #2: Discover Exceptional Wildlife in South Georgia Island

If you think Antarctica is just an abstract image of glaciers, ice, and penguins, you’re mistaken. The white landscape is brimming with incredible flora and fauna across the different islands, while the prolific animals make it on par with any other wildlife-watching spots in the world. 

If you want to discover an exotic wildlife creche, South Georgia is the place to be. It is home to over three million fur seals, three million pairs of macaroni penguins, one million king penguins, and 200,000 gentoo penguins. Meanwhile, there are also over 100,000 chinstraps on top of the plethora of unique birds gliding through the cold skies. 

Must-Visit #3: South Shetland Islands

After taking in the scenic view of the wildlife on land, it’s time to dive deep into the marine animals as whales, penguins, and seals gather together during summer. You may have a challenging time switching lenses as you try to capture the mountainous archipelago and the island’s rich wildlife. 

Other places to visit in Shetlands include King George, which is home to research stations. Meanwhile, Livingstone is the best spot for mingling with penguins and seals, while Deception offers a breath of fresh air with its volcanoes and warm thermal baths.

There are several stunning spots in Antarctica that are worth exploring – from historic hunts, capturing majestic landscapes, exploring wildlife, and more. Unlike popular belief, hitting the white shores of Antarctica is not as difficult as it seems. There are plenty of viable options that can cut back your costs, while the cruise itself offers an adventure of its own. 

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