Planning Your Next Vacation During COVID-19: Importance and Some Tips


Planning Your Next Vacation During COVID-19: Importance and Some Tips

These are not normal times, and that’s an understatement. The people of New York, Milan, New Delhi, Manila, and other counties hit hard by COVID-19 suffer the most, as their death toll continues to rise, with health workers included in the numbers. The repercussions of the COVID-19 is also apparent in plenty more aspects mental and emotional exhaustion are also part of the battle. Battling an invisible enemy has the world under lockdown, with travel bans enforced. For the many asking how they can still plan to travel given the current situation, the only answer is this: continue planning. Have something hopeful to look forward to we all need it.

Why planning a trip now is important

Experts have found that one in five people cheer themselves up during self-isolation by looking up potential places to visit once the quarantine restrictions are lifted. Many people struggle with social distancing and self-isolation, revealing that the lockdown is keeping them from staying in a relatively positive mood. In an unprecedented time with no definitive end in sight, it’s easy for individuals to feel out of control, especially since daily routines and careers have been thrown out of the windows. This causes depression, anxiety, and overall negative impacts on our wellbeing. 

By planning trips, reading travel blogs, and sharing images of travel places on social media, people find a semblance of hope. Psychologists further postulate that planning a break in the future can lift the mood, eliminating any sense of anxiety and loneliness that might be present. 

How do you plan for a trip in such uncertain times?

1 – Stay informed

Despite the grim odds, the situation remains to be fluid. You should expect everything to continue to evolve, morph, and react according to the pandemic, which includes the travelling sector. As you plan for your future getaway, stay informed by tuning in to the World Health Organization (WHO). Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and your respective State Department. Any travel restrictions and bans should be tracked carefully, but ensure that your sources are credible!

2 – Do your research

As long as the pandemic continues to wreak havoc, travel will remain ill-advised. Any required travel (if it’s part of your professional work, for instance) should be undertaken with complete regard and awareness of every government policy. This should include your own government’s policies, as with the country you’re intending to travel to. This also applies to leisure travel, especially once the world resumes in operations. Expect that many destinations and routines will remain inaccessible for months, especially since the disease wanes and spreads unpredictably in various parts across the globe. As you book ahead, remember to obtain information from embassies, CDC, and respective country websites. Moreover, ponder over the conditions of your chosen airline carriers and booking accommodations for any change and cancellation policies.

3 – Enlist the help of experts

Before you book that cheap business class to Europe, it is highly recommended that you enlist the help of a trusted travel planner. DIY trips are fun and engaging, but one wrong plan or move will leave you quickly exposed. As you plan your trip, hire a planner to minimise the risks. Remember that they act on your behalf, so any legwork on changing dates and cancellations will be handled by them accordingly. Furthermore, consider getting a travel insurance policy you can never be too careful, especially since the risk of COVID-19 will likely linger!

The Takeaway

No one knows when the pandemic will end. People will likely remain in the safety of their homes for many months to come. The world is slowly adapting and adjusting to this new norm, but it doesn’t mean that everything should fall into despair. Apart from the disease, we have battles to fight on our own, particularly mentally and emotionally. If travel brings you joy, plan as much as you want keep yourself healthy and happy as much as you possibly can.

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