The Importance of Travel Insurance for the Australian Traveller – What to Know


The Importance of Travel Insurance for the Australian Traveller – What to Know

When the thought of travelling comes to mind, people associate it with the idea of spending money on plane tickets, hotels, transportation, shopping, and food for the entire stay.

While it may go without saying that travelling definitely costs a pretty penny, there are multiple ways to save on travel expenses that you can find on the internet. However if there’s one travelling cost that you can’t ever overlook, it’s travel insurance.

The Importance of Travel Insurance

While it might seem like something unnecessary compared to other travel expenses, travel insurance deserves to be at the top of your travel priority list. In today’s growing travel industry, the future can’t be foreseen with ease (especially with COVID-19 on the loose), so it goes without saying that you can’t afford to travel if you can’t get travel insurance.

While travel insurance is unfortunately similar to multi-level marketing pitches, due to agents that continue to throw aggressive spiels that don’t sit well with the travelling public, it’s definitely a cost you won’t want to take a pass on. For instance, the average emergency evacuation can set you back just a bit north of $160,000 which will definitely count as an unexpected nightmare that won’t just take a toll on your bank account, but will probably turn your vacation sour. 

Why Travel Insurance is a Must-Have for Every Australian Traveller

Sydney travel agents continue to stress the importance of getting travel precisely because uncertainty is the only thing that’s certain when it comes to globetrotting. While you may not necessarily need to use your travel insurance policy and god forbid you’ll have to it always helps to have a safety net just in case you get injured or sick far away from home. This is especially true in Australia, a country most known for its array of strange creatures and dangerous tourist spots!

The Key Components of a Travel Insurance Policy

Aside from the fact that it’s a great safety net for any trip far away from home, travel insurance is always going to be a nifty add-on to your travel budget because of what the average plan is composed of. To better understand exactly why travel insurance is worth every cent (in the same way getting a luxury travel agency in Sydney like Your Holidays is), let’s go over some of its key components: 

1. Trip cancellation policies

The standard travel insurance package comes with a pre-ingrained trip cancellation policy that essentially helps cover the costs of your cancellation should an unforeseen circumstance prevent you from going on your trip. A typical trip cancellation covers every prepaid expense (such as your plane ticket and hotel booking) in cases of illness, accidents, or death  making it much more important to have travel insurance. 

2. Medical emergencies and evacuation policies

Another vital component of travel insurance packages that have made them a standard for any Sydney travel agency is the inclusion of a medical emergencies and evacuation policy. Regardless of whether you need emergency dental work, evacuation from a pandemic, or an injury whilst surfing in Asia, a medical emergency and evacuation policy can easily make payment the least of your worries. 

3. Baggage and personal belonging policies

As opposed to other types of unforeseen circumstances, losing your bag and other personal belongings whether it may be through carelessness or crime is a much more common predicament that Australian travellers face around the world. With the help of a baggage and personal belongings policy, however, you can keep your belongings, souvenirs, and bags insured while keeping your finances safe in case of theft or loss. 


Having a standard travel insurance package for every trip that you take abroad can help protect yourself, your finances, and your family members from all sorts of dangers that can come about, and all at a low cost.

If you’re looking for a Sydney travel agent who can get you affordable business class deals going to Europe, Asia, or the USA, provide you with travel insurance, or get you on a cruise to either Antarctica or the North Pole, get in touch with us today!