Why a Crystal Cruise is The Best Vacation for You – What to Know


Why a Crystal Cruise is The Best Vacation for You – What to Know

When planning for a holiday, most people would look up resorts or hotels. The more adventurous types plan a weekend skiing or trekking. And the ones who love seeing different cultures sign up for immersions or tours. 

But if slopes don’t particularly interest you, or if you’ve had too many beach trips, a cruise holiday is perfect. It has all the amenities of a hotel, but with sightseeing and tours. Best of all, the itinerary is planned for you, so you do not have to think of how to plot your destinations. 

However, you may be on the fence about cruise ships. The number of people on board might be a deterrent, or you might not feel like you’d enjoy being on a ship for weeks on end. If this is true for you, here are a few things that might make you reconsider.

Sailing with Crystal Cruises means exclusivity

The company’s largest ship, the Crystal Serenity, serves a maximum of 1,072 guests. The Crystal Symphony hosts less than a thousand at 940, and the Crystal Esprit is even smaller. Touted as the world’s best luxury small-ship, the Esprit only accommodates up to 62 guests. It is more like a large yacht than a cruise liner.

By keeping the number of people per cruise down, Crystal preserves their indulgent, luxurious atmosphere. They also have the highest staff-to-guest ratio in the cruise industry. For instance, the Crystal Mahler, a river cruise ship, serves 106 guests and has a ratio of 1:1.55. With nearly two staffers for each guest, you are sure that vacationers onboard the Mahler will get exceptional service.

The ships all have luxurious amenities

When you book a trip on a Crystal Cruise, you can count on travelling in style. Their rooms are equipped with comfortable beds and boast wide windows. You won’t be staying in cramped quarters with just a porthole window; Crystal Cruises make you feel like you are in a hotel on land, with their richly appointed suites and wide views.

The Crystal Debussy’s Petite Suite, for example, is one of the cosiest options on a Crystal ship. Even if it’s small, it is not confining; at 188 square feet, you have enough space for a king-size bed, a vanity, a flat-screen TV and a toilet and shower ensuite.

You get unique onboard experiences

The ship features more than the usual lectures onboard. The ships have several options for guests who would love to learn even while on a vacation. 

For example, they have the Creative Learning Institute, a facility that lets guests pursue areas like painting, sculpture, and crafts. These lessons can even be curated to fit the theme of the cruise or to be aligned with the culture and traditions of the destinations.

Some voyages even have Crystal Visions Lecture Series, which feature diplomats, authors, Olympians, and other notable people. Past lecturers include General Perry Smith of the U.S. Air Force, broadcaster Hugh Downs, and media personality Dr. Ruth Westheimer.

Stellar staff and responsive management

Crystal Cruises has received more World’s Best and Reader’s Choice awards than any cruise company. Their website lists citations from Zagat, Cond© Nast Traveler Magazine, and Travel + Leisure Magazine, among others. They are known for their impeccable service. Their personnel is trained to be anticipatory but discreet, and they remember the names and preferences of guests.

Management is also swift and decisive. They show this by having regularly updated travel advisories, the most recent one being their health advisory alert regarding Crystal’s measures to protect guests in the rapidly evolving situation with COVID-19.

Crystal’s utmost priority is the health, safety, and security of our guests and crew, their press release reads, and they detail extensive measures they are taking in that regard.

In conclusion

A Crystal Cruise is one of the best trips you can give yourself or your loved ones. When you book a trip on one of their small-scale luxury liners, you are guaranteed a peaceful, unique, and memorable experience you will treasure for years to come. Ask your provider for the best Crystal Cruise for your travel goals.

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