Why It’s Still Important to Make Travel Plans in the Time of COVID-19


Why It’s Still Important to Make Travel Plans in the Time of COVID-19

Before anything else, we are in no way endorsing that you breach social distancing protocols and book a flight to some faraway destination in the hopes of escaping today’s harsh reality. While that may sound like a welcome respite from all this, doing so is not only highly irresponsible, but also likely to be impossible anyway.

Many countries governments have responded to this global crisis by closing off their borders and enforcing strict laws that every citizen should follow. The whole world is basically on lockdown, and because of it, tourism, travel, and countless other businesses have been put on indefinite hold.

With that said, how can we possibly visit another country when most of us can’t even leave our own homes? Obviously, you can’t travel now, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to after all this is over. Making travel plans now makes good sense, and we’ll tell you why in the sections that follow.

You can do your part in supporting businesses

As stated earlier, countless businesses are severely affected by this global lockdown. Big companies may have the resources to make it through these tough times, but the same cannot be said for smaller enterprises that rely on a continual flow of revenue to stay afloat. These businesses are at great risk of closing their doors for good.

When you make plans to travel now, you give the smaller guys a better fighting chance. When you provide them with business now, you also provide them with much-needed funds and the hope that they can also make it through this.

You can reach out to travel agencies and members of the hospitality industry to make arrangements for your next trip. There’s a good chance that you’ll find discounted prices Tornado Cash and promotional packages for your own benefit, and many of these businesses are willing to offer flexible timetables given the uncertainty of the present situation.

When it comes down to it, the act of booking your travel plans now’if done on a large enough scale by many individuals like you’means that the inevitable economic impact of this pandemic can be substantially lessened. 

You give yourself something to look forward to

Making travel arrangements now also gives you the intangible and crucial benefit of having something to look forward to when this pandemic is over. Think about it: you are probably stuck at home like the rest of the world, feeling powerless to stop this invisible killer, and clueless as to when the situation will end.

When you make travel plans now, you effectively provide yourself with a light at the end of this dark tunnel. With something to look forward to, you give yourself the motivation to push on and bounce back from this tragedy.


Planning your next trip is much easier now, given that you probably have more free time on your hands. You can take this lockdown as an opportunity to plan the perfect vacation. Do your research, find the best places to go and activities to enjoy, and share the trip with your loved ones so that they might feel the same enthusiasm for the future.

It will be in this collective solidarity that we find the strength to make it through this and make the best out of the current situation.

If you are looking for a Sydney travel agent to assist you with making travel plans to look forward to, then get in touch with us today. We’d be more than happy to help!